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This is the home page of the XML Proxy Spy project, being currentlry developed by Guillaume Rousseau and Edouard Mercier, in France.


Guillaume and Edouard are software engineers. Guillaume works by Dune Concept, a French company developing internet/internet/extranet sites. Edouard works by NET2S, an international (but French at the beginning) network service solutions company.

The purpose of the project

Our purpose is to deliver a software.

Some link

You can browse either Guillaume or Edouard home pages:

  1. Guillaume Rousseau's home page is a state-of-the-art reference to the chaos and fractals world
  2. Edouard Mercier's home page does not present anything extraordinary...

A bit of history

Guillaume wanted to crack the internet loto sites, and thus started to develop an automate able to simulate an internaute playing lotot on those sites. He rapidly discovered that the loto sites changed over time, and the HTTP requests he wrote on purpose became invalid after little time. This is the reason why he decided to create a smarter automate, which would listen - in the first step - what it means to play loto on the internet, and then record the interanaute behavior. In the second step, this automate would be able to play the previously recorded scenario. From there came the idea of the XML Proxy Spy.

On a saturday in october, he presented his work to his cousin Edouard, who was delighted to be introduced to the XPS (XML Proxy Spy quickly became XPS), and who made some suggestions to Guillaume. From there, they have been making evolve the software. And this is only the beginning of the story, we hope...


If you want to send us feedback, do not hesitate at all and send an e-mail at xmlproxyspy@free.fr!